Food business Consulting – Research & Development in Food business (R&D)

Συμβουλευτική επιχειρήσεων τροφίμων και υπηρεσίες έρευνας και ανάπτυξης τροφίμων (R&D)

The modern Food Market demands continuous and tentative research and development, since consumers have become really demanding with regards to food quality, extended food shelf life, with distinctive organoleptic charecteristics and attributes (i.e. low fat, gluten free etc). Following that trend, Food companies need to harmonize their production to the current consumer needs.

The Consulting team of ALIMENT LAB has the knowledge and experience as well as a certified according to ISO 17025 laboratory adequately equipped, to take in charge Research and Development (R&D) projects in a wide range of food and drink products available in the market.

We invest in the relationship with our customer in order to create a product that will satisfy our customer’s vision and all the technological and legal specifications.

In particular, Aliment Lab conducts R&D projects with regards to:

  • Recipes based on the company’s demands taking into account all the current trends in modern food industry.
  • Physicochemical and microbiological analyses, aiming at increased shelf life, depending on the selected preservation method.
  • Development of novel products with particular nutritional and qualitative characteristics in accordance with the social and market demanding.
  • Development of nutritional claims based on inherent or extrinsic ingredients.
  • Introduction of “green” production and processing methods that do not burden the environment.
  • Development of food products that contain the minimum preservatives
  • Develop novel/attractive products suitable for consumer groups with special nutritional needs.
  • Resolution of production problems that come up during their preservation.
  • Holistic design of the production line in small/medium/large industrial scale with regards to produce qualitative, safe, low cost, of high added value products.

For Aliment Lab, Food is the primary raw material that combined with research, empirical knowledge and technology, can be transformed to an edible product with high qualitative attributes, “green” footprint and of high added value for the production company.

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