ALIMENT LAB laboratory is a scientific research center founded in January 2011 and operates as a service provider in the field of food, beverage and water safety and quality.

The objective goal of ALIMENT LAB is both the advisory and laboratory support of food production and distribution companies, as well as mass catering establishments, with respect to safety, hygiene, quality and competitiveness of the produced and offered food products.

ALIMENT LAB has scientific partners in the fields of food technology, agronomics, veterinary and chemistry, combined with modern laboratory equipment. ALIMENT LAB is responsible for: (a) preparation and implementation of ISO quality systems (b) monitoring the production and distribution of plant and animal origin food products and water (c) the training of stuff on food-handling hygiene issues and (d) Hygienic control of caterings, microbiological monitoring of food and equipment (e) laboratory analysis of food, oil, honey, beverages, water and soil samples.

ΑLIMENT LAB also takes part in Research and Development (R&D) projects concerning innovative foods as well as on other issues related to food hygiene and technology.

  • Microbiological analysis
  • Chemical analysis
  • Food consulting services
  • Staff training


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