ALIMENT LABMicrobiology and Chemical Laboratory of Food and Water


The objective is to provide laboratory and advisory support to food businesses, ensuring compliance with national and Community legislation and the protection of public health.


The specialized and experienced scientific staff of the laboratory undertakes and guarantees the proper conduct of food and water analyzes.


Our laboratory provides reliable food, water and environmental samples analysis services to a wide range of businesses active in the food sector.

Our services

Food Analysis

ALIMENT LAB undertakes analysis of all food and food product categories for food service outlets, retail and manufacturing clients, to assure quality and safety in their products. Microbiological and chemical analyses of food are carried out as well as sensory evaluation, adulteration analysis, contaminant testing, food allergen detection, shelf-life evaluation and challenge testing.

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Water analysis

Aliment Lab offer a range of accredited water testing services to assist food service outlets, large and small food-processing industries and Municipal Enterprises for Water Supply and Sewerage.

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Halal Analysis

The global Halal food market is estimated to over 350 billion euro.

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Environmental monitoring

Microbiological examination of the surfaces takes place after decontamination so as to confirm the absence of microorganisms.

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Consultancy Services of Food Companies
Aliment Lab



  • Legionella

    Legionella causes…. Legionella can cause a bacterial infection of the respiratory system with the most common symptoms to be: fever, pneumonia etc. The symptoms appear 2-10 days after the infection and the disease can be fatal to 5-30% of the patients. Legionella is transferred through air by inhaling the bacteria, when contaminated water is scattered

    August 28, 2018

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